Gear check

Last sunday Saskia and I made a nice dive at ‘Bergse Diepsluis’ in the Oosterschelde. With the temperature on the surface close to freezing, and sea water temperature close to 6 degrees it’s getting pretty darn cold 🙂 After having to replace two first stages – both due to leaking seats I started the dive with my fingers already half-frozen. After the 45 minute dive my fingers felt like popsicles though 😦 But we had a good dive: lobster, crab, sponges, oysters, the usual… After a couple of months of only lake diving ´the usual’ was great! And with only 5 more weeks till our departure to Mexico I feel pretty ready. My gear is as I want it and I can´t wait to go cave diving 🙂

~ door ehoogma op december 3, 2012.

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